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Please see below our school tour dates for parents considering Nursery and Reception in September 2025. To book a place on any of these tours, please complete this form, contact the office by phone (020 8336 7800) or email

CREATING COMMUNITY: Christ Church uniquely has separate Infant and Junior sites that allow for smaller pupil numbers on each site. This creates a supportive and nurturing atmosphere in which every child is known and that contributes to the children's well-being. Christ Church feels like a small village school whilst benefiting from the resources and leadership of a larger institution.

Parents are actively involved in their child's education and the life of the school. Christ Church is supported by our governors and the local church, contributing to the school's strong sense of community.

EMBRACING DIVERSITY: Christ Church is open to all and believes that the values it promotes are universal. Although a church school, less than 10% of Reception places are typically awarded based on church attendance. Everyone feels welcome, and the school has a diverse student body with families of many different cultures, languages, religions, and backgrounds. This multicultural environment encourages understanding, tolerance, and respect. Exposure to different perspectives fosters adaptability and open-mindedness.

The school has a strong Christian ethos and emphasises the importance of each child achieving their potential, and becoming the person God made them to be. Additionally, it highlights the values of compassion, empathy, and community. The school's Christian foundation contributes to the moral and ethical development of its pupils.

ACHIEVING FULLY: Christ Church has a long tradition of participation in music and sports, with children taught and encouraged by specialist teachers. The vast majority of pupils take part in one of the school's choirs, recorder groups, orchestra, or sports teams. The school is committed to ensuring each child has access to a well-rounded education, not just academic success. Participation in extracurricular activities enhances confidence, teamwork, and physical fitness.

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School Tours:

Reception at 9:30am - 10:15am
  • Tuesday 8th October
  • Friday 18th October
  • Thursday 7th November
  • Friday 15th November
  • Wednesday 20th November
Nursery at 9:30am - 10:00am
  • Tuesday 15th October
  • Tuesday 12th November
  • Thursday 23rd January
  • Tuesday 25th February