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Before & After School Club (Connect)

Connect provides a safe, supportive, and enriching environment before and after school. It supports children's development academically, socially, and physically, while also offering convenience and peace of mind for working parents.

Connect @ Christ Church is based at the Infant Site and is available to all Infant and Junior pupils.

When is Connect open?

Connect runs on weekdays during term time. The club is open in the morning from 7:30 am until the start of the school day, and in the afternoon from the end of the school day until 6:15 pm.

Children are dropped off and collected from the Infant Site. Junior children will be taken from the club to the Junior Site at the end of the morning session in time for registration and will be brought to the Infant Site at the end of the school day. (If you have booked your child for any clubs on the Junior Site, Connect staff will collect them from the club and bring them to the Infant Site).

What’s on offer?

In the morning, the children will be offered a breakfast consisting of a choice of cereals, toast and jam, porridge, a piece of fruit and milk, juice or water. They will also be given the opportunity to participate in tabletop games, drawings and outdoor games in the summer months.

In the morning, children will be offered breakfast consisting of a choice of cereals, toast and jam, porridge, a piece of fruit, and milk, juice, or water. They will also participate in tabletop games, drawings, and outdoor games during the summer months.

In the afternoon, there will be a wide range of activities, including energetic games, arts and crafts activities, a relaxing time to read a book with another child or an adult and to complete homework, tabletop games, Lego, and other construction sets.

Hot food will be made available to the children at around 4:45 pm. All children will eat together, making it a sociable affair.

Booking a place

Contracts: If you're looking for long-term, regular bookings for your child, you can opt for a contract. This means you only need to request the days once, and your child will automatically be booked into every session on the requested days. Plus, the bookings roll over every term, so you don't need to book each term separately. The contract will continue until you request to cancel it. You will receive monthly invoices for the bookings made under the contract.

Ad-Hoc: For when you need to book occasional dates. With this option, you will need to select each individual date you require and book each term separately. Once you have made all of your bookings, the total cost will be calculated and sent to you in a confirmation email.

If spaces are oversubscribed, we will prioritise siblings, long-term, regular bookings and families who have booked spaces with Connect previously.

To book a place, please go to the Connect booking website.


The cost of each morning session is £7.00, and the cost of each evening session is £18.00. Payment can be made  by bank transfer,  childcare vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare payment vouchers.

Contacting Connect

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please get in touch. During school office hours, we can be reached via the school office on 020 8336 7800 or by email at If you need to contact Connect outside school hours, please call 07552 291736.