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The PTA, registered charity, supports the school by raising as much money as we can to enhance, enrich and improve learning experiences for the children. In addition, we provide those 'little extras' that make school memorable, such as Cinema trips, playground equipment, activity days, movie nights, Break the Rules days.

We also exist to bring the communities of school and home closer together because it makes sense for parents to be involved in the life of their chosen school. 1 hour of your time can give back a lot to the school.​ 

The PTA is run by a committee who are all volunteers. We have a wider team of volunteers across the school that are invaluable help with fundraising. We might sound like an abstract group of people, but we're parents, carers, friends and allies – just like you.  

Lastly, we’re here for the simple reason that we want to get together socially, meet new people and have fun!​ 

Helping out

Come and help out with the PTA - it's a great way to get involved in their child's education and help create a positive school environment. By volunteering your time and skills, you can contribute to important projects and programs that improve education for all pupils. Being involved in the PTA also gives you a chance to connect with other families and build a community of support for your child and the school. It's a great way to be an active participant in the Christ Church community and make a difference in the lives of our children.

Even if you have younger children at home or only a small amount of time could you come to a meeting, help set up an event, serve food or design a poster? Perhaps you have a professional skill you could help us out with?  

You don't have to come into the school; many of our volunteering tasks can be done from home. Giving a little bit of time can make a big difference​. There is no commitment to the amount of time you can give. Everyone is welcome and hugely valued. 

If you want to get in touch or get involved, please email us or look out for one of the committee members at school. 


Instagram: @christchurchprimarypta

Facebook: Christ Church Primary PTA

The Committee

We are an elected group of parent volunteers who help to drive the fundraising initiatives, work on projects to spend the PTA funds and work closely with the school on their requirements.

  • Catherine Beston - Co Chair
  • Rebecca Reid - Co Chair
  • Glyn Hooper - Treasurer
  • Sash Svensson - Social Media
  • Vacancy currently looking to fill - Secretary

What You have Funded

We always try to respond when asked to help the school, and after the work is done, it’s so rewarding to see the children enjoy new resources and equipment provided by the PTA. Our recent projects include:

Junior Playground Shade

We funded a much needed shaded area with shade sails for the Junior Playground. The shade sail fabric is knitted polyethylene fabric which will not rot or absorb moisture and is lock stitched using advanced technology to allow for more air movement and better channelling of cooling breezes. This enables a cool breeze to flow through the sail, cooling pupils with not only the shade but also a filtered breeze.

Gazebo at the Infants

We funded a new gazebo in the Infant playground which offers both a shelter and shade feature for playtimes as well as an ideal venue to break away from the classroom and take learning outdoors.

Reflection Areas

We funded new quiet spaces in communal areas and classrooms across the school. They are a place where the children can go, to ponder, reflect and pray and help promote well-being and mental health.

Hi Viz Branded Vests

We funded new hi viz jackets for both children and adults, ensuring everyone is easy to identify and safe on school trips and off site events.

Redevelopment of the Infant Playground

We worked with the school to provide the infant children with an exciting, all-weather play equipment area, transforming a boggy and underused area of the infant playground.  The equipment helps keep the children active and healthy. It gives them a varied play setting and helps them to develop confidence and promotes social interaction.

New Nursery Climbing Frame and Mud Kitchen

We raised the funds through a school-wide sponsored climb and a crowdfunding effort. Some classes climbed enough steps to scale Everest! The climbing frame has proved to be another great success, helping the children improve their coordination, develop self-confidence, and to learn through play.

Wilderness Pond Area

Situated at the infant site but used by all year groups. The PTA helped fund a cover for the pond so that children can use the wilderness space safely to explore and learn about the natural world.

Junior Playground - 'Muddy Patch'

  • Resurfacing area, all-weather surfacing​
  • Natural planting & Reclaimed/recycled materials​
  • Multi-functioning space​


Upcoming Events

Friday 15th December - Y6 Donut Sale

At both sites after school

We are looking at arranging other fundraising days throughout 2023/24, including Discos, Movie Nights, more Break The Rules Days and other fun stuff, so stay tuned.