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Reflective Areas

At both our Infant and Junior sites, we have a 'Reflective Area' close to the main entrance of our school. These areas are furnished with comfy furniture and are a space where children can come (during break and lunchtimes) to reflect quietly individually or in pairs or groups. Some children enjoy reading the variety of Christian stories, Bibles and picture books, whereas others enjoy quiet conversations and discussions with their friends in these areas. We have noticed children from different classes and year groups coming together in our Reflective Areas to discuss the variety of books and stories and we are delighted to see these friendships growing through shared time in the Reflective Areas.

In each of our classrooms, we have a 'Reflective Area' which is changed each half term to link to our current iShare theme. These spaces are decorated beautifully by both the class teacher and the children in the class, and often showcase children's own responses to question or thoughts relating to our current theme and Bible verse. Our classroom Reflective Areas also have an age appropriate Bible (as well as other Christian books) which have been purchased using PTA funds.