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Results & Achievements

We are very proud of the excellent achievement and progress of our children. We are ambitious for all children and set individual targets for each child in reading, writing and maths and meet to review them with teachers termly.

The cancellation of national assessments due to Covid-19 means that there is no data for 2020 or 2021.

The full School Performance Tables can be found on the DfE website here.

League tables for Kingston can be found here.


Our results in 2019 were excellent.

In every statutory assessment we were:

  • Above the national average
  • Above Kingston in everything (except high RWM and greater depth writing at KS1 & KS2).

In this table you can see our results from 2016-2019 (the last year in which statutory assessments took place). The table also compares our result with the average results in Richmond, Kingston and national and shows how we performed in comparison. 

All figures are percentages, RWM means the percentage of children achieving expected or high results across reading, writing and maths. GPS is grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Average Scaled Score

In Year 6 children sit their SATS in reading and maths. These tests provide a scaled score between 80 and 120. This table shows our average scaled score over the past three years and compares it to the average scaled score in Kingston and nationally.


Our progress is strong. Progress is measured from the end of KS1 in Year 2 to the end of Key Stage 2 in Year 6.

This table shows our progress score and band from 2016-2019 (the last three years for which statutory results are available) and compares them against Kingston and national results.