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Transition to Secondary School

We would recommend thinking about where your child might attend secondary school at least a year before you have to make your final decision. Some schools have entrance examinations or other entry requirements which you will need to know about in advance.

We would also suggest that you visit secondary schools by attending open days, where possible, to find out more about the school and meet some of its staff. 

Preparing Pupils for Transition to Year 7

Our Year 6 teachers ensure that our pupils are able to learn about secondary school in a supportive environment and ask questions about life in Year 7. Where possible, school staff from local secondary schools visit our pupils to answer questions about transition so that our pupils feel prepared for what's next. 

Secondary School Admissions

The Admission to Kingston's Secondary Schools guide and the Kingston Schools brochure are available on the Royal Borough of Kingston's Secondary School webpages. These provide detailed information on the application process and the borough schools.  

The closing date for applications to start secondary school (Year 7) is usually at the end of October.

Supporting your Children 

"The transition from primary to secondary school is exciting for children and marks a new phase in their lives. Children recognise it as part of growing up and are aware that their lives are about to change in an important way.

Like any change, it can also bring uncertainty. Most children will manage the transition to secondary school successfully. However, there may be ups and downs. It’s easy for children to slip from feeling happy and confident one minute, to feeling nervous or anxious and back again as they find their feet.

As a parent or carer there is much you can do to help your child through the transition period with careful and sensitive preparation." The Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families

'Supporting Children Through Secondary Transition' below contains guidance and information published by the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families regarding secondary school transition. It aims to provide some useful advice to help parents and carers support their children with this change. This document can also be found on the Anna Freud Centre's website.

Parents may also find the interactive leaflet below helpful from Place2Be.